Fortify Roofing is a roofing company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were looking for an updated logo and brand identity that showcased the confident resiliency of the company and its products. Together, we reimagined their brand in a way that highlights their professionalism, the longevity of the product, and an enduring reputation that towers above the competition.

I started by sending the client a brief to learn more about the vision and values of Fortify. I sought out any design ideas and vision their team already had for their new branding. I also researched competitors to identify the market’s current trends, as well as where I could push the envelope in the branding to help Fortify make a strong statement to its audience.

Primary Logo

fortify roofing logo color

Alternate Logos

fortify roofing logo horizontal

From there, I sketched multiple logos and sent the client three designs I felt most highlighted the brand of the market. We landed on a logo that embodies a strong and confident design, characterized by vibrant hues and the fortress iconography.

"a striking deep, fiery orange distinguishes the brand from commonplace blue and red tones often employed by competitors."

fortify roofing logo black and white
color swatch orangecolor swatch deep orangecolor swatch blackcolor swatch white


The documents and materials designed for Fortify Roofing were created to convey the integrity and endurance of the product. These mockups consider the brand's typography, colors, photography guidelines and brand voice.

fortify roofing business card mockup
fortify roofing tshirt mockupiphone mockup fortify roofingfortify roofing paper cup mockup
foritfy roofing logo pattern


The pattern reflects the details of Fortify Roofing's logo, portraying the fortress iconography in a seamless texture that can be incorporated into many design assets.

Brand Guide

I finalized it all with an extensive client brand guide, which allows the client to build a powerful and trustworthy brand identity for their audience that is recognizable across all of its platforms.

fortify roofing brand guide mockup