Lê Financial is an Edmonton-based financial agency with a vision for its clients to feel empowered and confident in their futures. Lê Financial assists their clients with insurance, investments, retirement and estate planning, as well as supporting business owners with their personal and professional planning needs.

As Lê Financial was expanding their reach to a new audience, they reached out to Adelle Ngo Design to request updated branding that reflected their inviting spirit and professional accountability. Together, we reimagined their brand that reflected these traits as well as a youthful hopefulness that would peak the curiosity of their growing audience.

I started by meeting with the client for a two-hour discovery meeting to learn more about the vision, values, needs, and dreams of Lê Financial. I sought out any design ideas and vision their team already had for their new branding. I also researched competitors to identify the market’s current trends, as well as create a fresh financial logo that stood out amongst competitors.

Primary Logo

Alternate Logos

From there, I sketched multiple logos and sent the client three designs I felt most highlighted the brand of the market. We landed on a logo that emphasized the last name of the business' CEO, Catherine Lê that is rich in character, confidence, and sparks of joy and hopefulness. The circumflex accent is in the shape of two leaves to symbolize financial growth.

"a modern serif typeface with a rich blue primary color reflects Lê Financial's young professional audience. The green and orange secondary colors are invitations to financial inclusivity and optimism."

brand color rich blue for le financialbrand color clementine orange for le financialbrand color leaf green for le financialbrand color shadow green for le financial


The documents and materials designed for Lê Financial were created to convey the brand voice of positivity, hopefulness, financial freedom, and loyalty. These mockups consider the brand's typography, colors, photography guidelines and social media presence, which plays a vital role in Lê Financial's marketing strategy.

brand asset mockup for le financial
instagram social media mockup for le financialtrifold brochure mockup for le financialmug mockup with le financial logo in green
le financial logo pattern on blue background


The pattern reflects the details of Lê Financial's icon logo. The small clementine orange symbolizes the cheerful personality of the brand and its owner, and the enduring anticipation of lifelong financial prosperity is reflected in the ever-budding leaves.

Brand Guide

I finalized it all with an extensive client brand guide, which allows the client to build a powerful and trustworthy brand identity for their audience that is recognizable across all of its platforms.

brand guide mockup for le financial