Ngo Counselling is an agency dedicated to the pursuit of wholeness and wellness for each of its clients. It seeks to support and guide individuals and families towards completeness in every part of their lives and relationships. I was tasked with creating the logo and brand identity for the agency.

I started with a discovery meeting to get to know more about the client and their business. I asked detailed questions about their vision and values, their target audience and current clients, and the pain points and opportunities they saw for their business. I also researched competitors to identify the market's current trends and to see where I could design a unique story for the business that was separate from its competitors.

Primary Logo

ngo counselling logo color

Alternate Logo

ngo counselling icon deep blue and white

From there, I sketched multiple logos and sent the client three designs I felt most highlighted the brand of the market. We landed on a logo that embodied "shalom," a Hebrew word meaning "completeness and perfection in all relations." Each stone, although different shapes, sizes, and colors, come together to forma complete circle. The stones represent how different pieces of our lives relate to one another, and that wholeness and harmony is possible in our lives.

"completeness and perfection in all relations"

color swatch light bluecolor swatch steel bluecolor swatch deep bluecolor swatch gold


The documents and materials designed for Ngo Counselling were created to convey the agency's mission and approach to counselling. These mockups consider the brand's typography, colors, photography guidelines and brand voice.

ngo counselling business cards mockup
ngo counselling brochure mockupngo counselling booklet mockupngo counselling cup mockup blue with white logo


The pattern reflects the details of Ngo Counselling's logo, portraying the myriad stones in a seamless texture that can be incorporated into many design assets.


The focus of the Ngo Counselling website was to highlight the professionalism and dependability of the Ngo Counselling agency. Calls to action are readily available for new and potential clients looking to access counselling resources. Frequently asked questions are included throughout the home page to offer guidance for potential clients, and a bio with headshot of the counsellor is made readily available so that audiences become familiar and comfortable with the person with whom they will be sharing with.

ngo counselling monitor mockup with websitengo counselling iphone mockup