Studio A is a photography and videography studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. The studio was launching a new membership program for creatives in Edmonton, and requested my help for a rebranding of their website. I worked with Studio A to create a fresh and modern custom site that showcased the new membership system and highlighted the benefits creatives would experience while working in the studio.

studio a mac monitor mockup


To prepare for the development of the updated website, I completed user surveys from previous site users and asked previous studio renters what their experience was like while using the studio. I studied the original site’s analytics to gain a deeper understanding of most popular pages and the ones with the highest bounce rates, and scanned customer reviews and messages to discover where user pain points were most apparent on the original website. I also researched other competitors in the city and across the province to discover the trends for studio users, and to uncover what would be the most important elements to include on the site’s landing page.

studio a webpage mockup on ipad

MOSCoW and Wireframe

I then completed a MOSCoW report to determine the most valuable elements to include on the site, and designed a wireframe I offered to the Studio to give the team an idea of what to expect from their new website. I developed the site prototype in Adobe XD, and sent it to the Studio A team to make request and suggestions for the design. From there, I used HighLevel to build the website, and the site was launched to satisfied customers within the month.

studio a wireframe