This Space Belongs to you is a dedicated program for 2S/LGBTQQIA+, and/or IBPOC people (age 12-24) committed to providing safe, inclusive spaces and resources within The Syilx Okanagan. As part of Cyan Bold Design and DesCan's "Design Day for Good," I teamed up with This Space and multiple designers from across the country to create a new logo, brand, website, and print materials for the organization.

As Design Lead, I started with a discovery meeting to learn more about the organization's values, vision, and audience. We unearthed the story of This Space and their "raison d'etre" as an organization. From there, I was able to create two moodboards which I believe reflected the heart of their mission. The This Space team chose one that best suited their audience, and I was able to craft the logo below.

Primary Logo

Alternate Logos

this space grey and blue logo

This logo showcases the comforting and positive feel of the organization, and also embodies the Gen Z aesthetic that feels young, fresh, and provides a new take on retro design.

"for our community, by our community"

this space button logo icon
this space blue color swatchthis space yellow color swatchthis space orange color swatchthis space grey color swatch


The documents and materials designed for This Space were created to convey the comforting vibrancy of the organization. These mockups consider the brand's typography, colors, photography guidelines and brand voice.

this space button mockup
this space grey sweater mockuppaper cup mockup for this spacecanvas tote bag mockup for this space
this space star pattern


The pattern reflects the details of This Space's logo, portraying the star iconography in a seamless texture that can be incorporated into many design assets.

Brand Guide

I finalized the project with a brief logo and brand guide, which allows This Space to build a consistent and trustworthy brand identity for their audience that is recognizable across all of its platforms.

this space branding guidelines mockup