The Tru Airlines Brand Guide was a student project I designed while taking an extensive Branding Masterclass. Throughout this course, I learned how to ask clients the right questions to help create the perfect brand for their business. I researched competitors and developed a user persona for the target audience, and used word association and word mapping exercises to narrow down the brand voice.

Primary Logo

tru airlines logo in yellow and black

Alternate Logos

tru airlines logo horizontal

I then sketched and selected a concept for the final Tru logo. I chose a minimalist wordmark style with hand lettering that reflected optimism and youthfulness.

optimism, youthfulness, hope, coziness, homecoming

tru airlines icon paper airplane
color swatch sky bluecolor swatch sunny yellowcolor swatch sunset redcolor swatch dusty orange


From there, I selected the brand’s typeface and created gridding, logo and typography systems for the brand. I also created a typography hierarchy, and used color psychology to determine the color system for the brand. I also created multiple mockups to showcase the new branding in real life examples.

tru ailines airplane mockup yellow
tru airlines orange tshirt mockup with logotru airlines paper cup mockup with ristograph pattern


I chose a ristograph pattern to reflect the current trend of a 70s takeover in Gen Z culture. The bright colors and curved edges reflect the optimistic and fun-loving nature of the brand while establishing its youthfulness and trend-setting values.

Brand Guide

I also developed rules for the brand voice, created photography guidelines, and finalized it all with an extensive client brand guide, which allows the client to build a powerful and trustworthy brand identity for their audience that is recognizable across all of its platforms.